Hi, I’m Suzie (aka Madame Zee Tarot and I’m a female empowerment leader and I’ve been involved in the Wiccan and Pagan communities for over 15 years, teaching women how to live a more witchy and enchanted lifestyle.I excel at introducing new and old practitioners alike to Tarot cards, crystals, witchy woo and other earth-based metaphysical practices into their lives.


And now, I want to mentor YOU.

I’m a world traveling, knowledge seeking, Mother Earth lovin’, Goddess honoring, crystal hoarder, professional tarot consultant. I am a person who lives their life through connecting with Mother Earth & live my daily life through Spirit.




I’ve been where you are my sister.

I was living a mundane life of work, stress, deadlines, & longing for something deeper. 😵

I knew I wanted to make my own life and I knew the power of Magick would help me but I was stuck! Like stuck in the old Tennessee red mud stuck!!

So I started reading every book about Wicca, Magick, and Paganism I could find but I was missing a HUGE piece of the puzzle! 📚

I needed someone I could connect with, ask TONS of questions about EVERYTHING woo, witchy, & enchanting and I needed to find it all in one place.

I didn’t have time or the money to read every single book out there, watch all the videos & plan out my next Magickal step too. I was super busy finishing my education, corporate job, friends, & just plain ole LIFE!


Let me take you back to the beginning.

It was Imbolc and I was leading my first Ritual all by myself. I practiced for months in advance so I could get it exactly right.

After all, I didn’t want my Magick to go haywire & piss off the Goddess!!

I had placed everything in their correct places (according to the books), the candles were the right color, I had the right crystals, herbs, & incense.

I had everything I need for this ritual. I took a deep breath & BAM!!!

Anxiety came over me & self doubt!!


I just gave up & walked away. I didn’t even start the ritual. I felt like a complete failure. I sat there by myself, face in my hands, saying to myself, “Damn!! I wish I had someone to reassure me that I was doing the right thing & my ritual was perfect!” I just needed a little bit of reassurance & big push! 

And then, the Goddess answered. In the most etheric voice, she came to me and charged me with the sacred duty of becoming a Magickal Mentor for other aspiring Witches who were going through the same struggles that I was in my practice.

If you can relate to anything I have said, this program is designed especially for you.

In my email Magickal Mentorship program, you don’t have to carve out 2 hrs a week to meet with me. It’s all sent to your email box & it’s there for you to click on when you have time. All you have to do is click the Magickal message from me & you’re next action step is right there! 📧



How do you know if you’re good candidate for my one on one Magickal Mentorship Program?

🔮Do you love Woo?
🔮Do you love Crystals?
🔮Do you want to connect more with the Mother Earth & Goddesses?
🔮Do you find spells, magick, & the moon cycles enticing?
🔮Can you sit all day & talk about Tarot & Divination?
🔮Do you binge watch Harry Potter & love Practical Magick? (I’ll let you pass if you like chick flicks)
🔮Do you like a good cup of Joe? (ha, tea is good too)

If you can ask yes to these questions, we’re Spiritual BFFs!

I’m giving you the power back to manifest Magick in your life.

Trust me!! You DO have time in your busy life for my mentoring program!

I make it really easy for you.

Let's take this situation for example...

It’s 9:00pm and you finally have a few minutes to yourself. Click on my email for your witchy lessons & enjoy today’s lesson.

Are you sitting in the carpool lane waiting for your little one to get picked up from school? I’m right there waiting for you in your inbox.

You have a lunch break from your muggle job & you need some Magick in your life? Just open up your email.

You want to know what herb you use to manifest money? Click on the email & scroll past a few days & find your answer

Here’s the DEETS!

  • Unlimited email access to me. Sky's the limit!
  • Weekly action plans/worksheets
  • Monthly Tarot insight reading
  • Personalized Magickal coaching tools
  • Intuitive tarot/oracle readings as needed
  • 24/48 hour turn around on emails.

BONUS: Your choice of 1, 2, or 3 workshops that I offer. Depending on the package you buy.



This is not a cookie cutter Coaching program. I don’t just create a one time program & shoot it out to all of my clients. It’s very niched down & catered to you, your interests, your struggles, your blocks, & your goals.

It’s like having a BFF that’s a Witch & High Priestess!

I’m here to help you and guide you along your path, but you have to do the work & finish the prompts to achieve your goals. After all, what good is a plan without action and TONS OF MAGICK!!