your circle sisters are waiting for you…..


NOW is the time for Witches to fly & start their witchy path.

Cauldron of the Witches Moon is now accepting new witchy members.

🔮Feeling like you’re alone in your witchy path?
🔮Longing for a witchy sisterhood connection?
🔮Feeling pulled to the moon & ritual?
🔮Needing a safe & protective space to be your witchy self?

In my online coven we cast a circle of sacred space as we gather together in sisterhood to celebrate moon cycles, Goddesses, & Wheel of the Year holidays.

We weave magick together & stir the magickal cauldron as we raise energy in sacred space.

Here is what is included in the monthly coven gift:

💫2 live monthy events (recorded for lifetime access)
💫1 Goddess of the Month
💫1 Moon ritual (recorded for lifetime access)
💫Wheel of the Year Celebrations-8 total (recorded for lifetime access)

About your High Priestess:

Welcome my witchy Sisters.

My name is Madame Zee and I am a female empowerment leader who has been involved in the Wiccan and Pagan communities for over 15 years, teaching women how to live a more witchy and enchanted lifestyle.

I am a High Priestess and have lead many Covens, Moon Circle Facilitator, Women Empowerment circles, taught newbie witches & hold sacred space for women.

I excel at introducing new and old practitioners alike to Tarot cards, crystals, witchy woo and other earth-based metaphysical practices into their lives.

I currently mentor students looking to expand their spiritual practice by mentoring newbie witches on how to come out of the broom closet.

The Cauldron of the Witches Moon is a sacred & safe space for women to build connections with the magickal energies of the moon, rituals, & the Goddess.

This is place where we weave our feminine magick together to bring in our highest potential, magickal growth, expansion, & female power.

I warmly invite you into the Cauldron of the Witches Moon.

💖Drawn to the Power of a Witch & Witchcraft?
💖Feel the “calling” but don’t know where to start?
💖Craving a space to gather with like-minded women and learn new magickal practices?
💖Drawn to the energies of the Moon?
💖Seeking a strong feminine sacred space to gather?

Cauldron Collaboration Giving Amount:

The Witches new year is a wonderful time to start your magickal practice & set new intentions for your spiritual well being.

As the Wheel of the Year turns, we welcome the death & rebirth of our cycles of life. We set our witchy intentions for the next year & bring that into fruition.

🦇Are you going to listen to the call of the sacred divine? 🦇Are you going to step into the cycles of the moon & power of belonging to a Coven?
🦇Are you going to step into a supported circle of sisterhood?

The Circle is now open & warmly invite you to step into your magickal witchy power.

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