Spellcasting with Tarot in Person Workshop


Spellcasting with Tarot in Person Workshop


*Spellcast Your Desires with Tarot Workshop*

Come join me at the Coexist Festival at Nature's Treasures.

Missed my online workshop? Now is your chance to register or my workshop here in Austin. YAY!

Story time! HA! So, here I was, 43 years old, I was just unexpectedly laid off, & had nowhere to go!

☇I felt powerless, frustrated, angry, & just plain defeated!
☇I felt that life just dealt me a crappy hand!
☇I was tired of being at the mercy of the Universe. 
☇I wanted to change my circumstances and take my power back. And I did!

With the help of Spellcasting, within 2 weeks I was offered a fantastic job & I moved to Austin!

I manifested my desires & more money!

Spellcasting with Tarot workshop will help you with all of this and more!

Come join me at Nature's Treasures in Austin for this live interactive workshop.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Speak loud and clear to this Universe
  • Take back our power
  • Create our own destiny

Here's the skinny!
💜1 Tarot Spread for Manifesting Prosperity
💜List of ingredients (herbs, gemstones & colors) to make a little satchel
💜A Mantra specifically for this spell
💜The inside scoop on all my tips n tricks

Spellcast with Tarot is $20 and you're going to walk away with priceless information that you can use for a lifetime.

This is a limited space event.

Only taking 15 people since space is small.


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