Awakening Tarot Package

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Awakening Tarot Package



Let me tell you a bit about my Tarot Reading Style.  I am NOT a Tarot Reader.  I don’t predict the future.  I am a Life Empowerment Coach that uses the mystical insights of Tarot.  I am looking for high vibe clients who absolutely believe in the power of Tarot & how it changes their life.  I read from the heart but I also interpret what the cards say, regardless of what you want to hear.  I want you to be the best person you were meant to be and sometimes Tarot will call you out on it.  

My readings are very intuitive and  based on what I see in the cards that pertains to your specific issues.  I do not use spreads.  I interpret the cards as a story & with your flow & energy.

Each reading is different & unique & is customized to your specific reading.  If you’re looking for a cookie cutter type of experience, this package is not for you.

You might cry a little & you’ll even have a few light bulb moments.  It’s totally alright.  We’ll talk it out together.

This Awakening Tarot Package is a powerful tool that will get you re-aligned with your life’s purpose.

Feeling stuck in a rut & not moving forward?

Feeling powerless?

Repeating old destructive patterns?

Wondering what your next move in life should be?

What is holding you back subconsciously?

Need a HUGE shift in your life?

Are you ready to make huge changes in your life that will increase your happiness, self worth, recognize pattern, & live your life out loud?


Here’s the deets:

2-1 hour readings ($234 value)

An oracle card for validation ($27 value)

A shadow card to shed light on your subconscious issues ($17)


Free PDF for Spellcasting with Tarot for abundance ($97)

Here’s who this package is for:

Ready to take on issues head on.

Take back your power & make real life-altering changes.

Gain powerful insight in order empower your next move.

Ready to take fearless action.

Ready to invest in your life.

Here’s who this package is NOT for:

Living life in fear.

Not ready to make huge shifts in their life.

Doesn’t take Tarot’s insight seriously.

Not ready to see the truth of the matter.

To afraid to make real changes.

Being ok living a “content” life.

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