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Past Life Insight Reading



I remember when I first uncovered my debilitating fear of water which was tied to my most recent past life. Through me Past Life Reading, I found out that I was a healer during the Renaissance period and I was forced to choose to either get on the boat with my family or stay behind. I chose to stay behind because I was afraid of water & wanted to be on solid ground. When I discovered this information, it changed how I viewed abandonment issues & why I always sat on the sidelines during a pool party, seaside fun, or river sports. I missed out on so much on life because of my fears that I never fully understood. Now, I no longer struggle with the fear of water or abandonment issues as much because now I know WHY.


I'm not alone. More and more of my clients are beginning to become curious about their past lives and how their past traumas could be influencing their ability TO enjoy life.

I help my clients find happiness, overcome self-doubt, & overcome their fears.

I'm sure you have questions, like...

🔮Who were you in a past life?
🔮What is your soul purpose?
🔮What issues do you need to release from your past life?
🔮What are past life experiences currently affecting you?
🔮Why can’t you move on & live your life to the fullest?
🔮Why do I feel stuck?

You have HUGE Past Life residue that needs to be identified & energetically cleared if you’re experiencing the following:

⌛Re-occurring dejavu and other psychic phenomena that you know are trying to tell you something, but you're just not sure what.
⌛Keep making the same fatal mistakes in your life like a broken record, feeling like you are doomed to keep repeating them.
⌛Experience an ominous feeling around certain people, or specific situations make you feel uneasy and you're not sure why.
⌛Drawn to a specific era, time period, or point in history... and have memories or dreams revolving around them.

Hi, I’m Suzie (aka Madame Zee Tarot) and I’ve helped many people get to the root of their problem through my detailed Past Life Reading. I truly believe that the only way we can live our life to our fullest and highest potential is to heal our past.

With this Tarot Reading, we can dive deeper into your past life & reveal the mystery of who you were, what type of life you lived, & what residue you’re carrying forward into this life.

This Past Life Tarot reading is unlike any other reading you will ever experience. When we are finished, you will walk away with enormous insight.

💗Detailed description of what you looked like
💗What era you lived in
💗Release past life residue
💗Reveal your past life identity & death
💗Insight into your past life living review
💗Identify past life complexes
💗What’s your soul purpose
💗Receive a confirmation message from Spirit

This Past Life Tarot reading will be recorded and delivered to your email. This recording is available for you to review as many times as you need to.

It’s 2018, a new year! The time is NOW to identify & heal your Past Life in order for you to move forward with clarification.

Let’s get to the root of your problem!!!

Book your Past Life Reading now!!💥

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