Message from as passed loved one

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Past L Message.png

Message from as passed loved one


Sometimes we are longing to hear messages from our loved ones who have passed through the veil.

My Tarot spread will help you received guided messages & insight from the ones you want to connect with.

🔮Are you wondering if your Ancestors have a message for you?
🔮Are you holding on to negative family energy that your Ancestors no longer want you to carry?
🔮Do you need clarification from your Ancestors?
🔮Are you ready to receive messages from the other side?

Hi, I'm Suzie (aka Madame Zee) and I've helped people communicate with their loved ones & get answers that they have been seeking. I believe in healing our past hurts through the Tarot & seeking guidance through our loved ones.

IYou will receive messages that include:

🔥What would satisfy your Ancestors
🔥What Ancestor Karma you need to release
🔥What your Ancestors would like you to pass on to future generations
🔥What accomplishments your Ancestors are most proud of

This is reading is recorded & will be emailed to you for a keepsake.

The time is now to receive your messages from the wise ones & move forward with clarification.

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