Bewitching Goddess Academy

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Bewitching Goddess Academy


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It’s time to break the sleeping spell and awaken to your new life as Goddess and heroine of your own story! Has your biggest obstacle to embracing your feminine gifts been the inability to find your tribe of empowered Goddess-centered women who get you? The Bewitching Goddess Academy is a home for unconventional women who...

● Won’t look at you strangely for spending plenty of time in nature, hugging a tree, and whispering to the plant allies.

● Won’t judge you for your enormous crystal, oil, and herb collection… and who might otherwise encourage you to expand your acquisition of pretties and baubles.

● Women, just like you, who are also really influenced by the Moon’s phases and cycles of ebb and flow... and desire to learn how to tune into Lunar Wisdom.

The Bewitching Goddess Academy is a safe and sacred home away from home for women to grow spiritually together and to learn the ways of empowerment through the Goddess and magic.

Hi, I’m Suzie Zurn and I’m your fearless leader. I created this sisterhood to serve you and to nourish your soul. Under my guidance, this circle will awaken your innate connection with the Divine Feminine and unleash your Goddess Power!


Here’s how the Bewitching Goddess Academy supports your journey of Female Empowerment:

★ Monthly Full Moon Rituals

★ Monthly Get to Know the Goddess Trainings

★ Monthly Tarot and Energy Readings for the Circle

★ Monthly Q&A Group Zoom Call with High Priestess Suzie

★ Wheel of the Year Parties and Celebrations

★ Pop Up Workshops and Classes on Divination and Spellwork

★ Rites of Passage Ceremonies ★ Leadership Training for Priestessing Dedicants

THIS SISTERHOOD WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!Sister, now is the time to take your first step and begin your transformational journey to become the powerful Goddess you are meant to be!

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