“I had an amazing and spot on five card spread reading with with Madame Zee that resonated at the highest level. Each card and the information given was exactly what I needed to hear to push me in the right direction. Her accurate reading help me begin a new flow of amazing energy. Thank you so much!”
— Garret Petrov Nevada (2016)
“My very first card reading, and it was a good one. Whether or not you’re into tarot, it’s interesting to read the results and summary. I was pleased with the level of detail and the knowledge & training that goes into the interpretation. Thanks, Madame Zee!”
“Madame Zee’s reading was terrific! She gave much energy and information to my reading, and very much resonated with my own intuition. I go back to the reading periodically, to center myself in to the guidance Madame Zee and the cards intuited. Very helpful, very informative, and great energy - certainly would recommend a reading with Madame Zee!”
“Madame Zee’s reading was SPOT ON for me. She’s professional and straight to the point. She intuitively picked up on issues that have been big obstacles for me this year. The guidance I received from the reading gave me some much needed clarity. If you want to get to the heart of an issue, I highly recommend her!”
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— Hope K.

"She's awesome!!! I gave her one word only the first time and her reading could not be more accurate! She's straight forward with her reading, her advice was great! "-C. Shaddock


"Awesome reading, can't wait for next month! Madame Zee Tarot and her guides have given me so much hope."-D. Munoz

"To be honest when I first decided to do this I was a little nervous. Doing spiritual readings in person is one thing but buying it online and then expecting it to be accurate was a bit worry some. However this was THE BEST reading I have ever had done. Madame Zee was so sweet and helpful. This reading seriously helped me overcome some of my worst fears and it gave me a chance to connect with my father who passed away 9 years ago. I seriously recommend Madame Zee and I’ve even thought about doing another reading from her. She is trust worthy and she will help you find answers you need."-T Dunlap