Dangers of Spell Casting


Spellcasting is a powerful tool that Witchies use to manifest their truest desires & change energy.

It's a wonderful practice if done right.

So here I was, doing a money spell for my offer. I had the scene set with incense, money, coins, Tarot Cards, & road opener oils.

I was tired & in a hurry but I knew I had to get this spell done.

I told the universe that I wanted to manifest $500 in 24 hours. Did my Witchy thing then went to bed.

I woke up in the morning to a couple of messages from other Witchy & Tarot gigs notifying me of payment sent.

Exactly $500!

The Universe swiftly reminded me not to get lazy in my craft.


I have been Spellcasting for many years and I should have known not to be so vague when it comes to energy work.

Here are my suggestions for a successful Spellcasting:
✨Set your intentions.
✨Be specific in your desired outcome.
✨Set sacred space
✨Quiet your mind & stay focused
✨Cut out all distractions
✨Perform the spell when you're energetically aligned

Don't be a lazy Witch like I was and half arse your craft. It's important and the Universe deserves your respect.

What does it really mean to be a Witch....

What does it really mean to be a Witch? Forget about the dry and sterile Oxford meaning of the word Witch. Forget about the character in a horror film, the Disney villain, the devil worshiper that society thinks Witches are. What does it really mean to call yourself a Witch?

Witches are all-powerful manifestors, in tune with their feminine nature; they dance with the dark and are unafraid. They are nurturers, empaths, midwives, healers, wise women, mystics, and diviners. They honor the cycles of the moon and Mother Nature. We are your mothers, grandmothers, aunts, co-workers, neighbors, and friends.

Witches are unapologetic for a reason. Historically we have had to overcome prejudice, persecution, being outcasts and living in fear. In some places in the world we still are. Tell a Witch she can’t do something and watch how powerful she truly is. Be forewarned, don’t poke the Witch.

Let me take you back in time to your childhood. Do you remember a time when you were sick and Grandma’s hot chicken soup and lemon tea with honey were the only thing that made things better? This is because your Grandmother was a wise woman who could make magick in the kitchen. Her big ‘ole pot on the stove was her modern day cauldron. The cauldron where healing soups were made and where it was infused with love. Where she used magickal herbs and spices to heal the sick. Did you know that if you stir a pot clockwise, you’re invoking healing and positive energy? Next time you stir a pot, pay attention to which direction you stir.

We stand tall in our power of being a Witch. We cast circles to protect our sisters from harm. Our Witchy cabinets are filled with herbs, oils, resins, incense, and salves to heal and nurture people. We study crystals, herbs, divination, Goddesses, moon phases, the powerful cycle of the Mother Earth and her creatures. We celebrate the union of the God and Goddess, the cycle of nature, and honor our ancestors who have passed through the veil.

We raise energy together as a collective whole by drumming, chanting, singing, and dancing. Have you ever been to a Witches drumming circle? It’s the deepest orgasmic like rhythm that you can imagine. Picture a large group of women sitting in a circle around a roaring bonfire. The full moon is high in the night sky casting shadows and gently kissing them with soft moonlight. We start with a slow and deep rhythmic sound of a bass drum. Thump, thump, thump. Slow and steady. Almost like warming up a cold teakettle. The other Witches start picking up their musical instruments and start working their magick. Within the circle witches, begin playing a flute, a tambourine, a bell, a few higher pitched drums, and other glorious noisemakers. Then a fellow sister in the circle starts singing, “We All Come from the Goddess” and we all find our voices and start singing in unison. The drumming and singing become louder, deeper, and intense. Before you know it, we are all in a trance. Dancing and weaving our magick under the full moon. This is the power of the gathering of Witches.

Witches bring about change and healing. If you hang around a Witch long enough, she’ll start to rub off on you. She will change your thoughts about being shy and quiet. Witches are anything but shy and quiet. After all, we have danced with the wind, drank from the well of the Goddess, and drawn down the energy of the moon. We are strong and powerful women. Let’s face it Witches know shit! We don’t WAIT for things to happen, we MAKE things happen!

Witches honor and embrace the cycles of a woman and her transition from Maiden to Mother to Crone. We recognize the playfulness and innocence of the Maiden. Her youthful energy and trusting outlook she has on life. We reflect upon our own youth as she begins her path in a carefree state. She has her whole life ahead of her to live, learn, love, and laugh.

We recognize her as she moves into the Mother aspect of her life. This is where her tribe of women surrounds her as she goes through her rites of passage. Rites of passages such as her first moon cycle, her wedding/handfasting, childbearing pains, and carrying the responsibility for her newfound role as a Mother/Wife.

We honor the phase of the Crone where her moon cycles end and her new role begins. Her children are raised and gone. Her breasts were used as nourishment at one point in her life, but now it is her wisdom, which nourishes those around her. She is the keeper of Witch secrets and now she must hand them down to the new generation of Witches. This is the time where she finds herself finally allowed time for inner work and self-knowledge. She gets to sit in the comfy chair while everyone honors her. She deserves it! Her children, grandchildren and Female Tribe surround her. She is the Old Wise Crone!

Does any of this speak to your soul? Does any of this make you realize that you’re not living up to your potential? Does this give you goosebumps and just make you want to run outside and shout “I’m a Witch and I’m proud!” Now is the time to stop being silent and live your calling. Embrace the Witch call. Witch! Witch! Witch! She will no longer be silent in your life. You have stirred the cauldron of your inner Witch and it is boiling.

But the burning question is, pardon the pun, will you answer the call or will you shrink back into fear and live a normal and passive life? Sister, I feel your pain and frustration. I lived that life for so many years and it is soul-wrenching and it was slowly killing me. I was shutting up the inner Witch in me with junk food, bad choices, addictions, and a mindless life. My entire life was out of balance.

That was the old me. I now embrace the Witch, my true self that my soul was calling me to be, and so can you! There will be some women who won’t listen to the Witch call because they are afraid to step into their power and do the work of a Witch. This is not you!

You can’t shut the inner Witch up. You either let her out and embrace your power or wait for a Tower Card moment where your entire life will be blown apart. You MUST listen to her and move into the Wild Wise Witch.

Don’t be afraid. Your sisters and Witches from the past are waiting to embrace you and hold you. They are patiently waiting for you to re-join the tribe that you were once part of. They are forming a sister circle and have saved you a place. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Do you hear them chanting to you in the distance? Step out of the fog and into the moonlight where you’re loved, honored, cherished, and POWERFUL!